"The Difference Between Human Love And Divine Love"

"Divine Love is the very essence of the Creator. It is not like the emotional love that we mortals are familiar with. It is a real essence, something tangible like electricity, magnetism or gravity. This Love can flow from the Creator into your soul, and being a real essence, it has the power to transform your soul. You simply need to ask for this Divine Love from our Lord, and to ask often. It is not a one time Gift - it is more like a sustenance, but one whose effects are cumulative."

As men, trying to clarify the blueprints of your life, may often wonder the difference between human love and Divine Love. I know that's a vital thing to all of us; because it gets you muddled up, especially when you're wondering what to do. So let me speak on it, and try to clarify the difference.

There is only one love flowing from the Source; and that is God. How we use His essence is the question. Love is a gift from the heavenly heights, yours to use as you wish. It never diminishes, never fades. Only man blocks the rays with the clouds of thought he makes. Love within you is, and it has never faded.

Sometimes you think it has. You go through a hell. Someone leaves you or hurts you and you feel that love has ceased. Love has not ceased. You have only made clouds over the rays of light in your heart. To have love for another human means you must take the good and the bad. If you're going to love here on earth - putting your love on another human being, as it is with your wife - you have to make up your mind to take the good and the bad. You must think outward, and not inward to "I" - "I want", I like", I desire" - if the love is not to be blocked off as it flows down from above; then you have to release it from within.

To have what humans call Divine Love is to be love, be love itself, unhindered and unbound by human frailties. The only difference between human love and Divine Love is that human love is hindered by your frailties that block it. In between, there is a love which fluctuates between so-called human and spiritual. What is this division, this separation? All love stems from the one source, and that is God.

Love stemming from attachment is like the sun's rays that come through a stained glass window and become colored by environment. When God's love flows through you and you have your frailties, and you have your angers, and your fears, and your doubts, and all the things that make you miserable and quarrelsome, it's as if the rays of God's love are coming down and coming through a stained glass window, and it comes through the color that you make it. But it still comes through. Because of human frailties, the purity and clarity of love gets colored by the emotions of the moment.

The love within never decreases or diminishes. Rather, the situation of what you term human love very often brings out the selfishness, the desires, the pettiness, the frustrations, and sometimes even the hate, envy, anger and jealousy. All these are generated from the ego being curbed within oneself.

You have just met somebody, you're with them, your love is flowing beautifully, and everything is wonderful. It doesn't have to be a romantic love, it can be any kind of love, but you've met someone that you love, somebody who's very close to you in spirituality or whatever, and then all at once they do something - they rub you the wrong way or they rub your ego, and that love begins to cease to flow so beautifully after a time. Is it not so? The frailties of man, his ego, get in the way, and you each rub each other's egos. And after a while, instead of loving, you're quarreling.

Through these rampant emotions, a marriage sometimes becomes merely a sex drive for release of the emotions. One partner uses the other one to release uptightness. That's very clear, isn't it? After a while the beautiful relationship - we're talking about marriage now - gets into a sex drive rather than the love of companionship and sharing, because life in general makes you so uptight. One or the other is using the other one, and then one gets sick of it and says, "I want out!"

Where is the love that was there flowing beautifully? The original love which most humans have felt is lost in the jungle of everyday living. Those of you who have gone through this and those of you who are beginning to go through this - you don't have to suffer! You don't have to hang on to the old and make yourself ill!

You and your wife meet in altruistic love and the love gets trampled in the undergrowth of the emotions and tensions of living. Life in the city or anywhere on earth is pretty heavy for the emotions. People go to work eight hours a day, children to content with, issues that are negative, daily life can make anyone pretty uptight, and that wonderful love that used to flow doesn't flow any more. It gets trampled in the undergrowth, the undergrowth of the emotions and tensions of living.

Human love, when it ceases, is not human! It's not even love! Only Divine Love exists. Many of us have gone through what is called the dark time of the soul. When despair comes upon our hearts and we felt we were lost in the world of darkness. But if you train yourself in keeping your mind on the razor-edged path which leads to the goal of everlasting love and bliss, Divine Love, you will then see many of changes in your life.

Keep your mind on that goal of Divine Love. Let nothing cheat you of your love. No matter what is happening in your relationship with your wife. Please don't be cheated of your Divine Love in the midst of the world. Those seeking the world, when they come to that stage where there are disappointments, where there are despairs, they put a shield over their hearts and no longer have love flowing through. Your marriage and everything else falls apart. Haven't you all suffered in the night? I don't think there's one who has not suffered through human relationships, suffered in the night, had sleepless nights, and worried about losing someone, even if it be a member of your family. You can all understand what I am talking about.

There is no human love. There is only Divine Love. There is a seeming loss of love, but there is never really a loss of love. There is a closing off of the heart through hardships, but then love comes back again. The heart opens up again and you see somebody else that you love and then you go through it, over and over again, until God becomes your lover. That does not mean that you cannot have relationships in this world, that you cannot marry, that you cannot have children and have a life and a household, but it means to place love into your home. Do not get so dried up, as the years with your wife go by, that you just hang on and no longer feel love. Let love ever flow. And if you have to, put your mind on God and bring it down to the one that you're having a hard time loving. Never lose love in this life.

What you are really wanting is an object to love, a person to love? Are you wishing to love them unconditionally or conditionally? "If you do so-and-so this way and that way, then I shall love you. If you do not, then I cannot love you." It has to be unconditional. It has to be like the Ganges that flows from the heights of the Himalayas and never stops. It doesn't matter whether it goes past ugly ground or beautiful ground, it flows and flows. And so must your love flow at all times.

Not so easy, you say. No, not so easy.

You have to train yourself to open your heart so it will love. If it were so easy to unconditionally love, then there would be no change when conditions change. No, most people are looking to receive, and when the other person changes from a sweet, loving person - a near-saint as you saw your wife in the beginning, when God sprinkled that gold dust in your eyes, an angel from heaven, as the songs say, that came to minister to you and to help your life - when she change into a human being in your eyes, a human with the same frailties as yourself, you wilt in disappointment. If you had truly loved, it would not change with a changing of the winds. Your love would flow with understanding of the her needs: that she may need love more than you love.

No, I say, there are not two kinds of love. I say love is from God and is part of God's essence. Life in its fullest is the art of finding out how to tap into that essence and keep human traits from hindering the flow.

On all planes of existence, love can flow through if you practice the art of living. On all planes of existence - that means in human relations such as your marriage relationship, mother/father relations, child relations, whatever relationship it is - love can flow through if you practice the art of living that I teach here. Practice the presence of God in your life. Nothing, no one, should deprive you of your Divine Love, which is your birthright.

That doesn't mean you've got to run from someone that you find is a little cranky in your home; such as your wife or children. It means no one is going to deprive you of your Divine Love because you're not going to let them deprive you of it! Don't say, "I've got to get out of this house. I can't meditate. They're so mean. They're so horrible. I have to get away!" No, that's not the way. When you find your wife a nuisance to you in some way, are you going to stop loving her or will you start helping her through love to come around? There are too many couples running from one another because their love for one another changes like a river changing course due to the current (circumstances - situations).

You have a right to love, but this love depends on no one. It must flow unhindered through you, filling the earth around you with peace and light and harmony and bliss. Wherever you walk there should be a light around you. That is your right - that is your inheritance. So walk in love and fill your home with this love. Be like a lighthouse guiding your wife and children as they are lost vessels without you. That's a great thing to do in darkness of conflict. God created you for this. You came through your mother's womb for this. You stayed nine months in the darkness of your mother's womb so you could fill the earth with light and love. For this you took birth, you took a form. So do not lose your inheritance by acting in lower ways. There is no lower way unless you make it so.

Don't let anything of hate, or lust, or greed eat out your heart and cut off love from flowing. Why live in the dregs of life when immortality is at hand for you? Don't let the thief of your emotions steal your inheritance; because if you're having anger you can't have love flowing through, which is your inheritance. You can't have peace flowing through if you're having jealousy and envy, if you're having fear and doubts. You can't have it all. You can't straddle the path. You can't have one foot in and one foot out, one on Satan and one on God. It doesn't work that way. You have got to walk on that razor-edged path, one foot after the other in, and with, the Divine Love of God.

Let this Love caress you. Let the light that's shining from above meet your light and the two meet within your heart. Push forth the light upon your path. Fill your heart with love. Radiance is a light shining upon you. A glow from the heavens fills your space. And in Divine Love you will know God's face. Peace is His name. Glory is His fame.

God Bless - and may He keep you and your family safely under His wings. -
The Dove Alliance